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Redbase Sales has been importing Trane equipment from all over the word for over 10 years. Experience, technical knowledge and dedication to our customers needs, drives our sales force to find the right product for the right building.Trane are continually researching and developing technology to lower operating costs, gain higher efficiency and lower the environmental impact of their products.

Trane is dedicated to the environment and has led the industry in innovation and technological advances in reducing environmental impact and maximizing energy efficiency. They have won the Environmental protection award (EPA) for Stratospheric Protection three times with their Centrifugal air conditioning chiller. Trane value their people and have their own training academy where many of our employees have attended courses to further their skills and knowledge. 

Trane products have been specifically designed for their market segments and can be found throughout South Africa’s commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


Retail buildings such as Alberton City Mall has benefited from our Trane chillers. Shoppers want to feel comfortable and therefore the temperature and humidity control of the stores is essential for sales.

Recent Project - Makro Cape Gate (Thermal Storage)


The quality of the air inside hospitals needs to be controlled otherwise patients could develop infections. A noisy air conditioning unit can disturb surgeons, doctors and patients in recovery. Trane has developed products with very low sound for this reason.   

Recent Project - Femina Hospital (Comfort Cooling)


Comfort is key and hotels will lose occupancy if rooms are noisy, stuffy, too hot or too cold. As hotels have many different types of rooms, RedBase Sales will ensure that we fit the right air conditioning unit for the required performance.

Recent Project - Southern Sun O.R Tambo (Comfort Cooling)


Industry, institutions and office buildings
Greater productivity for your work force and manufacturing processes when the right temperature is achieved. Industries that require large amounts of energy can benefit from installing Trane products as they can reduce the carbon foot print and lower the costs to operate the building through energy efficiency.

Recent Project - BMW (Process Cooling)


Mining Industry

RedBase Sales has recently entered the Mining industry assisting with shaft ventilation and decreasing humidity.

Recent Project - Harmony Gold Mines

In addition to South Africa, Redbase Sales has supplied Trane air conditioning products to business’s in neighboring countries namely Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. We are committed to improving your building performance and focus on reliability, energy efficiency and the environment.




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